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Get ready for the horror!

No cash for trash

No to Taxpayer Funded Bailout: Join the Coalition Let the market decide, Americans have paid enough Santa Cruz, CA –  ­ With over 1,000 signatures within 24 hours of its launch, NoCashforTrash.org <http://nocashfortrash.org/> is a new website geared as a coalition to ³stop the taxpayer-funded bailouts.² By linking to numerous organizations and politicians in opposition [...]

Brother, can you spare $700-billion?

We’ve seen welfare reform for individuals.  Now we need welfare reform for corporations.  The big boys are lining up with their tin cups outstreatched. The $700-billion dollar bailout is only the beginning.  I don’t know whether to call this socialism or facism, but our early 20th century ancestors would recognize it.  The government is here [...]

The federal power grab

Early in his administration, I said that George W. Bush reminded me of President Nixon more than anyone else.  Not the paranoid Nixon of Watergate, but the big government Republican Nixon. Now we see President Bush and the national government making a grab for a huge amount of power – the bailout of the financial [...]

Lehamic’s World – Barack’s Green Energy

Stung by accusations that his ideas for “green energy” sources are merely useless generalizations and empty rhetoric, Senator Barack Obama (D-Il) today announced his endorsement of a bio-friendly method of conveyance (which already has a proven track record in Mexico) that not only uses organic fuel sources which it changes into harmless gases and handy [...]