Paxety Pages began in 1998 as a site to upload a few stories and some original music. It was created in Notepad. In 2002, it changed over to CityDesk. At the end of 2007, we changed to the more modern WordPress.


This site accepts funds from neither political candidates, campaigns nor parties. Nor does it make political contributions of any type.

3 Responses to “ About ”

  1. I’m a babalublog fan…read from their very first post to April, 2008…am almost up to the current date.

    Took a link from there to your post about Obama, racism, ETC…

    Thoroughly enjoyed the post…your obvious education and writing ability. But I find no bio on your site.

    What are your credentials? Why should I believe what you say?

    Please educate me about you via email.


    Jim Young, Sr.

  2. Depends on whether you’re addressing Juan or Mahone.

  3. Saw Juan’s comment over at GuyK’s place. Nice to have another Florida blog to read and link.

    Nice place ya got here. Good vibes, killer view. Maybe a few throw pillows and a bean bag chair would soften the lines a bit… but I like it!


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