Law and Government

Times that try men’s souls

Today is not the only time that American ideals have been under attack.  On December 23, 1776, Thomas Paine, under the pen name Common Sense, published his first essay on The American Crisis.  At the time Lord Howe and his British Army and Hessians (foreign troops) were raping and pillaging their way across New Jersey. […]

Will fidel’s lawyer represent KSM

Is this a coincidence? Greg Craig suddenly resigned on Friday. Craig, of course, was the kidnapper of Elian Gonzalez. Craig represented fidel in forcing the child back to Cuba. Craig’s resignation comes on the same day Attorney General Eric Holder announced that self-admitted 9/11 mastermind Kalid Sheikh Mohammed will be tried in New York. Will […]

Supremes – Back in my arms again

Great explanation of government and God

No, kiddies, your rights do not come from government. GUYK explains. Read it now.

The Supreme Court

Our friend Jackie Dowd at The 13th Juror has a post that shocked me – no current member of the U.S. Supreme Court has ever defended anyone charged with a felony. That means none of them have direct experience with prosecutors such as Mike Nifong, no experience with overwrought police tactics, and no experience with […]