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U.S. shuts down poker sites

The federal government has just shut down several of the largest on-line poker sites in the world! Was this to ensure the moral purity of the American public? Was it to protect the innocent, poor and uneducated from falling prey to hopeless schemes where they have little chance of winning. Well, since government sponsors various [...]

Libertarians nominate Bob Barr

The Libertarian Party in convention in Denver have nominated former Georgia congressman Bob Barr as its presidential candidate. Barr left the Republican Party in 2006 citing what he called reckless spending and civil liberties violations by the Bush Administration. Stay tuned. Update – here’s the news release from the party: Denver – The Libertarian Party [...]

Bob Barr hammers the Baptist Mullah

This past Friday, the Baptist Mullah, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee was speaking to the NRA when there was a noise offstage.  He said it might be Barak Obama running because someone pointed a gun at him.  As a true man of the millennium, Huckabee apologized that afternoon.  Obama had no comment, but Bob Barr [...]

Bob Barr announces presidential bid

Former Georgia Congressman Bob Barr announced yesterday his candidacy for President of the United States. He gained national attention as on of the House Managers of President Clinton’s impeachment. Barr will seek the Libertarian Party nomination. He says the American people are fed up with the two-party system. Barr promises to reduce the size of [...]