Middle East

The Iraq War and those UN Resolutions

To hear the liberal media talk, you’d think the only reason we went into Iraq was because of weapons of mass destruction.  No so.  One of the several reasons was Iraq’s repeated violations of UN resolutions.   In fact, the fuss in 2002/2003 was how many UN resolutions Iraq had violated.  I researched the issue, and […]

The new Iranian threat

For years we’ve watched Iran on this site, particularly with respect to its relationships with the dictators in Venezuela and Cuba. Yesterday, though you’d never know it from the US media, Iran made another threat – this one to occur on Thursday of this week. From AFP: Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Monday […]

Will fidel’s lawyer represent KSM

Is this a coincidence? Greg Craig suddenly resigned on Friday. Craig, of course, was the kidnapper of Elian Gonzalez. Craig represented fidel in forcing the child back to Cuba. Craig’s resignation comes on the same day Attorney General Eric Holder announced that self-admitted 9/11 mastermind Kalid Sheikh Mohammed will be tried in New York. Will […]

Islamic terrorist attacks – seven years apart

Seven years ago, two self-described Muslims terrorized the Washington, DC area.  They came to be called the Beltway Snipers.  John Muhammed is scheduled to be executed tomorrow. As more and more information comes out on Major Nidal Malik Hasan, including that he had tried to contact al Qaeda, it’s interesting to remember that Muhamed has […]

Scott Speicher, R.I.P. – a long, tearful mystery finally solved

Scott Speicher, R.I.P. - a long, tearful mystery finally solved

Captain Scott Speicher and three other pilots took off in their F/A-18s from the deck of the USS Saratoga. It was January 17, 1991, the first night of the Gulf War. As they flew their bombing mission over Iraq, one of the other pilots saw Speicher’s plane hit by anti-aircraft fire. He was assumed to be […]