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40-years ago today

It’s hard for me to accept, but it was 40-years ago today that Mahone and I joined eight other guys at Project 70 Studios in Athens, Georgia, to record a demo tape of our new band. We had grafted two groups, The Dukes of York and The Bluenotes, into The Fabulous Bluenotes – here’s photo [...]

One of the digital TV channels fills it’s Sunday afternoon with old cowboy TV shows from the 40s through the 70s. Watching them, and seeing how they treat heroes, is a good reflection of the decline of Western Civilization. First, The Lone Ranger, from 1949. You have to put aside the ridiculous English the Hollywood [...]

Happy Birthday Selena

Selena Quintanilla-Perez would have been 37-years old today. The Corpus Christ, Texas singer only made it to 23. She was gunned down in cold blood, literally shot in the back, by the president of her fan club in March, 1995. She went by her first name only, and began her singing career at age 8. [...]

In Memory of Elizabeth Reed

One of the more memorable Allman Brothers Band instrumentals is In Memory of Elizabeth Reed. http://youtube.com/watch?v=2GpbuDUrK9M&feature=related Which prompts the question, who was Elizabeth Reed? She was Elizabeth Jones Reed Napier – a resident of Macon, Georgia who passed away more than 20 years before Dickie found the site. Her grave site is in historic Rose [...]

Swamp Music

Several years ago, on the old site, we posted a collection of mp3s. As the Internet is truly international, a Chinese site that links to music found these old songs and has linked to them There have been several hundred downloads this month alone. So for the rest of you, here’s the original post and [...]