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Other hurricane, uh, storm blogging

Some  other folks are seeing a bit more of Fay than I am.  Visit Two Nervous Dogs and Primordial Slack. Joan, unlike me, can figure out how to get video uploaded. Then there’s GuyK who may see some more of  Fay.

Fay Friday morning

I drove in to work on JTB this morning without incident.  The rain seems to have caused less flooding than a good afternoon thunderstorm.  The wind was in gusts, but didn’t really affect my driving. Of course, I wasn’t trying to drive 75mph like some idiots were doing. Power in town and in the Florida [...]

Fay through the day

I spent some period of time trying to upload video of wind buffeted palm trees and stop signs, but the Word Press video uploaded doesn’t seem to work correctly.  Oh, well. One tragedy here at the Jacksonville Beaches – some tourists from Indiana decide to go swimming in the heavy surf and a 21-year old [...]

Fay at 8AM

Tropical Storm Fay is still off the coast and not moving much, but the wind is picking up at Jacksonville Beach.  It’s still not strong enough to deter all beach goers, though. There are reports of rogue alligators terrorizing Melbourne, where the streets are flooded by all the rain. Here on the First Coast, the [...]

Fay at 5:30

Fay is still off the coast south of Daytona Beach moving at only 1-2 mph.  Projections now are that it will turn inland south of Jacksonville, meaning it must be after Joan, not me. Conditions in overcrowded Jacksonville Beach are very little rain to land on the lens, and not enough wind to blow the [...]