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Fay at 1:40

I see the Governor has nothing to do.  He’s now in Jacksonville with the Sheriff, a National Guard general and other city officials interrupting soap operas on TV.  I’ll bet the phones at the CBS station are ringing off the hook.

Fay at Noon

Ho hum, cloudy skies, light wind, weather boys on TV in about 95% panic mode. Radar on the internet, where the image of the storm appears without a weather boy standing in front of it, shows Fay is still in the Daytona Beach/Melborne area.  It has still not made the predicted jog out into the [...]


Well, the storm is supposed to be headed right at us.  In contrast to Louisiana in 2005, Florida’s governor declared a state of emergency before the storm hit.  It is now projected to head out into the Atlantic, but because there is a subtropical high over the eastern US, the storm is projected to turn [...]