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Obama and raul

raul castro and barack obama

Continuing his disasterous foreign police, President Obama says he may soon visit Cuba.

“The key test,” said deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes, is “whether the president’s going to Cuba would help advance those priorities,” and in particular, whether a visit would “improve the lives of the Cuban people.”

Improve the lives of the Cuban people – really?  How do you plan to do that, Mr. Obama?  According to Rhodes, you are insisting that Cubans get better access to the Internet.  Sounds like another crony capitalist deal to me.  Who’s going to get the contract to wire Cuba?

Cuba was once the pearl of the Caribbean.  Before the castro revolution it had the third best economy in the Americas.  The castro brothers have looted the island and its people, and you, Mr. Obama, are falling into their trap.

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