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Judgment? Is the US Conspiring Against the Syrian Regime, or With It?

Oman’s Al-Shabiba wants to know whose side the US is on. (Link courtesy Watching America) The article quotes American journalist Seymour Hersh who has been in contact with the Syrian regime.  Hersh says the Joint Chiefs of Staff offered security information to the Syrian Army through Germany, Russia and Israel.

The article goes on to explain that Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, director of military intelligence between 2012 and 2014, sent several secret messages to warn of the danger of Assad’s regime collapsing. The report recounts that, when faced with this situation in the fall of 2013, the Joint Chiefs began taking steps — without clearance from diplomatic channels — to remedy the situation. By offering intelligence to the militaries of other countries, this information reached the Syrian Army for use against its enemies — especially Jabhat al-Nusra and the Islamic State group. The three countries that delivered this information were Germany, Russia and Israel.

Hersh claims friendship with Bashar Assad.  President Obama insists that Assad must go.

The regime, however, claims to be the victim of a global conspiracy.  Al-Shabiba says the regime gets the conspiracy wrong.


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, it is against the Syrian people and the country itself. It is evident the Syrian people are the ones suffering a great injustice. Despite the regime’s military losses and the large physical damage incurred by the country, the regime has managed to hang onto power. This has been facilitated with American support by way of its international alliances, and with massive military and economic support from the Russians and Iranians. So let’s not name them “Friends of the Syrian People,” because they are closer to the regime than to the Syrian people. It is evident these “friends” have permitted Bashar Assad to use all types of weapons against Syrians and the country. Additionally, they have prevented the opposition from acquiring any weapons capable of stopping the destruction from the regime’s planes, which kill and displace Syrians daily.

The article goes on to ask how the US could conspire against the regime when it does so little to oppose it.

Confusion abounds.  Just what is Obama doing? We here at Paxety Pages certainly don’t know.

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