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Hurricane Ike coming to Texas

Hurricane Ike is presently on course to strike Texas in a few hours.  The guys at Pajamas Media, whatever you might think of them, rely on a guy named Brendan Loy for their information.

So far as I can tell, he is a lawyer in Tennessee who happens to be a weather nerd.  He is now screaming for people in the strike zone to get out.

Here’s the rrouble with that.  The highways can’t handle all the cars. You’re much better off being at home than stuck in a car on a highway caught in bumper to bumper traffic when the storm hits.  Local governments in responsible states such  as Florida, and it would appear, Texas work to evacuate only those people who are in the most danger, and keep the roads clear for them to get out.

People like Loy have no insight into local conditions, evacuation routes, flood plains, etc.  Don’t listen to them.

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