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Bob Barr announces presidential bid

Former Georgia Congressman Bob Barr announced yesterday his candidacy for President of the United States. He gained national attention as on of the House Managers of President Clinton’s impeachment. Barr will seek the Libertarian Party nomination. He says the American people are fed up with the two-party system. Barr promises to reduce the size of government, cut spending.

So far, the media presses him on how he will hurt McCain. Barr had a reply for that.

“If Sen. McCain … does not succeed in winning the presidency, it will not be because of Bob Barr, not because of Sen. Obama,” Barr said.

“It will be because Sen. McCain and his party did not present a vision, an agenda, platform and a series of programs that actually resonated positively with the American people. It also may be because their candidate did not resonate with the American people.”

Here’s a portion of Barr’s announcement on CNN

And a brief interview on Fox

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  • GUYK May 13, 2008, 1:56 pm

    I think more of him than I do Obama or Paul but he don’t stand a prayer..unless he can get some BIG money behind him. This country has evolved in to a situation where we have the best politicians money can buy

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