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The hate mail commeth

One wonderful thing about moving to WordPress is that hate mail has increased. For instance, my post on Cuba’s energy shortages here.

I pointed out that Carlos Lege spent Christmas touring oil facilities and complaining that Cuba lacked enough energy. I pointed out that Cuba sent its doctors to Venezuela in exchange for oil – made deals with the Indians, Chinese and Canadians for exploiting it’s own oil – and still there is not enough energy.

Reader Russell Tarbet responded from Australia, and in the manner of dictator appeasers everywhere he begins his reply this way:

How sad, HOW VERY SAD, that u are so stupid, ignorant and plain and simple mind-fucked that you beleive, I mean honestly beleive that Lege is not concerned with “Normal life.”

Name calling rather than examples – invectives rather than argument. Thank you for reading, Russell, and please come back.

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