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It’s the communism, not the energy.

Instead of enjoying time with his family, worshiping in church or doing anything a normal person would do on Christmas day, Cuban Vice President Carlos Lege spent his day touring oil facilities.  He is quoted by Reuters UK as being concerned about energy setbacks on the island.

Cuban oil and gas output rose only slightly to the equivalent of 4 million tonnes this year despite a significant increase in investment, state-run media reported on Wednesday.

Oil output was 2.9 million tonnes, or around 57,000 bpd, assuming 7 barrels per tonne, down slightly from the 2.98 million tonnes reported in 2006.

Cuba has bought and leased 10-drilling rigs from China.  It has made deals with Indian and Canadian companies to exploit oil deposits in the Florida Straits.  It has sold the souls and bodies of its doctors to hugo chavez in return for Venezuelan oil.  But still, there is not enough energy on the island.

Even with fidel’s new rice cookers.

The trouble my friends is communism – an economic system that has always failed the people who live under it.

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  • russell tarbett January 6, 2008, 3:49 pm

    How sad, HOW VERY SAD, that u are so stupid, ignorant and plain and simple mind-fucked that you beleive, I mean honestly beleive that Lege is not concerned with “Normal life.” (how can an arguement in the affirmative even be contemplated?)Are you, I mean are you really that stupid? surely not! The scary thing is that I do beleive you are not that stupid, but you beleive your audience really is! i sit here and breathe a massive sigh of relief that I am able to draw my own conclusions, rather than rely on a dim witted numb scull such as yourself. Hope you find yourself wanting, (though i fear not) regards russell

  • Juan Paxety January 7, 2008, 1:01 pm

    Thank you for reading and leaving a comment – even though it is name calling rather than reasoned argument.

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