U.S. shuts down poker sites

The federal government has just shut down several of the largest on-line poker sites in the world! Was this to ensure the moral purity of the American public? Was it to protect the innocent, poor and uneducated from falling prey to hopeless schemes where they have little chance of winning. Well, since government sponsors various [...]

Behold A Pail of Horsepucky

Behold A Pail of Horsepucky

A review of Behold a Pale Horse by William Riley Cooper, Light Technology Publishing, 1991. Author William Cooper is a darling among the extreme faction of the UFO cult. Behold A Pale Horse is his underground magnum opus that presents “documentation” that UFOs are not only here, but have had a long-standing treaty with the [...]

Will fidel’s lawyer represent KSM

Is this a coincidence? Greg Craig suddenly resigned on Friday. Craig, of course, was the kidnapper of Elian Gonzalez. Craig represented fidel in forcing the child back to Cuba. Craig’s resignation comes on the same day Attorney General Eric Holder announced that self-admitted 9/11 mastermind Kalid Sheikh Mohammed will be tried in New York. Will [...]

So, you still think there’s an embargo XXXVI

We’ve written for years on the half-assed embargo of Cuba – some things embargoed, some not, states cowtowing to fidel for business, businesses organizing to ship even more to Cuba, and a push to eliminate the requirement at Cuba pay before the goods are shipped. Now from Net For Cuba What Cuba Embargo? By INVESTOR’S [...]

Begin anew

Begin anew

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Obama logo

Obama logo

On Karl Marx’s birthday, Barack Obama kicks off his campaign for reelection, using as his slogan the title of one of Marx’s books. Here’s what the logo should look like.

Begin anew

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Rubio 2016

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Obama logo

On Karl Marx’s birthday, Barack Obama kicks off his campaign for reelection, using as his slogan the title of one of Marx’s books.

Here’s what the logo should look like.

Obama's 2012 campaign

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Did Iowa show the failure of the Tea Party? Or its success?

The Iowa caucuses finished with Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum in a virtual tie. Michelle Bachman, who identified herself closely with the Tea Party, finished last. Most Tea Party folks seem to think of Romney as a big government moderate and Santorum as too much of a Washington insider. So, did the Tea Party fail?

Or, did the Tea Party succeed in infusing its smaller government, lower spending, balance the budget ideas on the Republican candidates? Both Romney and Santorum are talking about those issues.

Don Surber has a post on Santorum’s rise – and concludes with this:

Conservatives have a great AA team. Unfortunately, we’re in the big leagues. But we have a lot of prospects for 2016, which is better than where conservatives were in 2008.

It will be interesting to see how it works out.

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The MSM reporters are proving, once again, that they are idiots. They are reporting that no one saw the rise of Rick Santorum. It wasn’t hard to see if you shut up, got out of the beltway, and watched.

Iowa is a retail politics state and Santorum is the only candidate who made it a point to visit each of the state’s counties early on.

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The Iraq War and those UN Resolutions

To hear the liberal media talk, you’d think the only reason we went into Iraq was because of weapons of mass destruction.  No so.  One of the several reasons was Iraq’s repeated violations of UN resolutions.   In fact, the fuss in 2002/2003 was how many UN resolutions Iraq had violated.  I researched the issue, and here’s my original post.  (It contained links, but those links have long since rotted.)


I’ve been annoyed by the media reports calling the newest UN Security Council resolution on Iraq a second resolution. Donald Rumsfeld calls it the 18th. I questioned a CNN producer by e-mail, asking why they don’t accurately report the number of resolutions. He challenged me to name and attribute the resolutions. Here are 18 that I have found – making the one currently under debate the 19th:

Resolution 660 – (August 2, 1990) condemns Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait and calls for unconditional withdrawal.

Resolution 661 – (August 6, 1990) Imposes economic sanctions on Iraq.

Resolution 678 – (September 29, 1990) Demands compliance with resolution 660

Resolution 686 – (March 2, 1991) Demands Iraq’s compliance with 12 previous resolutions condemning it’s invasion of Kuwait (Resolution 660 and 11 others that slightly amend or amplify 660 -it appears the UN doesn’t count them as separate resolutions)

Resolution 687 – (April 3, 1991) Cease-fire and mandate of UNSCOM

Resolution 688 – (April 5, 1991) Condemns Iraqi attacks on Kurds and Shiites

Resolution 699 – (June 17, 1991) Iraq liable for costs associated with UNSCOM

Resolution 707 – (August 15, 1991) Iraq’s compliance, inspection flights, Iraq’s disclosures

Resolution 715 – (October 11, 1991) Approval of ongoing monitoring and verification plan

Resolution 1051 – (March 27, 1996) Approval of export/import monitoring mechanism

Resolution 1060 – (June 12, 1996) Condemnation of Iraq’s refusal to grant inspection access

Resolution 1115 – (June 21, 1997) Condemnation of Iraq’s refusal to grant inspections and interviews

Resolution 1134 – (October 23, 1997) Condemnation of Iraq’s behavior, further sanctions threatened

Resolution 1137 – (November 12, 1997) Condemnation of Iraq’s behavior, imposition of travel ban

Resolution 1154 – (March 2, 1998) Endorsement of the MOU on access to Presidential sites

Resolution 1194 – (September 9, 1998) Condemnation of Iraq’s decision to stop all UNSCOM work

Resolution 1205 – (November 5, 1998) Condemnation of Iraq’s decision to halt monitoring

Resolution 1441 – (November 7, 2002) Demands disarmament and inspections

Today, in 2011, folks are asking if the war was worth the effort.  I think one should take these resolutions into account when deciding.


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