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Even more Clinton derangement

Andrew Malcolm wrote a piece for the Los Angeles Times blog in which he expressed amazement that Hillary Clinton would not attack Sarah Palin, even though the press gave her opportunities to do so.

On Saturday in New York, reporters eager for a story about a fight between the two female politicians set Clinton up several times to take easy swings at the 44-year-old reform governor, who blew away the Republican National Convention crowd with her speech Wednesday night about her running mate, her own life and some mocking views of Obama.

But Clinton would not bite. Or swing. Not once.

“This election is about issues, and that’s what’s going to matter to people at the end of the day,” was all that Clinton would say. This despite the obviously powerful fears that Palin has engendered among many Democrats conducting nonstop, massive behind-the-scenes efforts to smear Palin’s reputation and plant negative stories in the media, with some success.

Intriguing to wonder why Clinton wouldn’t say more.

Why do you think? Gender solidarity? Friendship for McCain despite their disagreements? A sign of waning enthusiasm for her own party’s ticket? So much joy over the New York Giants defeat of the Washington Redskins in the NFL opener Thursday night?

It’s very simple, Andrew.  Hillary does everything for Hillary.  Everyone except the blindest of Obama supporters and members of the media can see that Sarah Palin is an extremely popular figure right now.  How would an attack on her help Hillary?  I don’t see how it would, and I suspect that Hillary doesn’t either.  When Hillary thinks such an attack will help Hillary, we’ll see one.

Update – Don Surber has some thoughts.

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  • Joan of Argghh! September 8, 2008, 11:13 pm

    I think she’s playing her cards close to the vest, waiting for Obama to reconsider… so she can snub him at the last and set herself up for a run in 2012.

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