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Just Words – from Barack

The Democrats’ email continues to pour in

The Democratic Party
Juan —

Why would the Republicans spend a whole night of their convention attacking ordinary people?

With the nation watching, the Republicans mocked, dismissed, and actually laughed out loud at Americans who engage in community service and organizing.

Our convention was different. We gave the stage to everyday Americans who hunger for change and stepped up to make phone calls, knock on doors, and raise money in small amounts in their communities.

You may have missed it, but we also showed the country a video with the faces and voices of those organizers, volunteers, and donors from every corner of the country.

Watch the video and make a donation of $5 or more now to show that in this election, ordinary people will make their voices heard.

Watch the video now
What you didn’t hear from the Republicans at their convention is a single new idea about how to make the healthcare system work, get our economy moving for the middle class, or improve education.

Just attacks — on me, and on you.

But what the McCain attack squad doesn’t understand is that people like you — who devote part of their busy lives to organizing and building their communities — have the power to change this country.

With your help, that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

Thank you,


Why, thank you Barack.  Perhaps humor and derision are the proper response to your message of emptiness and surrender.

Perhaps ordinary Americans, such as us here in Jacksonville, remember how your fellow community organizers attempetd to throw the election in 2004 by registering clearly ineligible people to vote, registered people solely in a very segregated areea, and got themselves investigated by the Justice Department on suspiciion of encouraging double voting.  Maybe that’s why community organizers are derisively thought of.

Update – Don Surber posts the job qualifications of a community organizer.

Or, maybe when one hears the words community organizer, one thinks of a corrupt Chicago ward heeler.  Or maybe just thinks of Al Sharpton.

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