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Obama’s Brain

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  • james alexander April 2, 2008, 2:47 am

    since the begining of christianity.the christians and the muslims have been going at it. Till just recently the christians have been turning the other cheek. Now the cowards that started the fight are trying to back out. I say if they’re gonna claim to be men. Act like a man and fight me to my face.They claim to fight for ahlaa, and hes with them… I guess they had there dates mixed up about what time america was gonna show up with our god. Cause we handed there butt to them. barocka hussain O-bomber binladin is a muslim we are a christian nation. The karan says to kill an infadell is the gateway to salvation. So if you vote for barock then we might as well stick a gun in our mouth and save them the trip. I am a repulican white male 32yrs construction worker. I served my counrty for 8yrs in the army, my dad was in the navy for 4yrs, and my brother. my family has contributed many lives for this country since wwI.thanx

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