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Canadian education

I thought the education in the United States was poor – until I saw this comment from someone billing him or herself as Darkblade from British Columbia


Just reading your jousting match with blase, and i see another typical american blowhard, who either makes up his own fake names for his posts or has his cronys take his side. Just going by the comments on your little stories that no one gives a fuck about unless ure a turd sniffin yankee, and your comments lead people to believe you are saying Canadians are jealous of your little country which is downrite comical, the truth be told we laugh at u as does the rest of the world
as we watch your so called manifest destiny walk u down the path of the religous right to oblivion. O and john wayne is that the best actor u can come up with ,come on, he was a hack . Everyone knows if u want good actors u go to canada. O shit i forgot u have one good actor george bush all u fucking rubes sure believed his role ,EH. So i hear your government is going to print more money so u can combat your how many trillion dollar defecit? O ya u got that debt saving the rest of the world from the iraq menace.
Do all americans have fat tongues ,short fingers ,and retard haircuts. But i guess listening to your government run media and the fact u ride the short bus its pretty easy to convince the general public,that everyone else in the world is bad and america is good. U are a funny rediculous country that is a Has Been , and i cant wait till obama is elected and u self destruct. Btw, where I live in Western Canada John Wayne lol, what a tool we dont give a fuck about the maple leafs. Anything past S a s k a t c h e w a n,(thought i would spell it out for u) is american anyways so ure comment about the (who) O THE LEAFS mean nothing, irrelavant fart stain u are. And yes i am a Canadian from British Columbia, better get ure thesaurus out so u can sound out that big word. And guess what we drive chevys and more likely to side with texans than any pussies from back East, on both sides of the border, so go fuck yourself and make sure u pop the balloon not on your 4 posters who are probably your brothers and sisters anyways. So you’ve no doubt done it already,gee i here banjo music. And finally all the vietnam card burners say hello , u are a joke your countrys a joke and we all laugh at u . sincerely, Canada.
ps. Don’t be afraid to post this pussy , unless u break a high heel lol lol lol.

I really don’t understand how someone who uses such poor grammer, spells so poorly, and who laces his writing with so much profanity can expect to be taken seriously.

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  • Steve February 26, 2008, 6:46 pm

    he worse then me

  • BLASe February 27, 2008, 1:27 am

    Thanks for the invitation. I think this video sums up everything really well.


  • BLASe February 27, 2008, 8:31 pm

    I highly doubt Darblade was worried about taking the time to use “spell checker” as Mahone pointed out. I think Dark got his point across well, and probably isn’t a computer nerd. I have been using the internet for a couple of years and have no idea how to use spell checker. I hardly feel it is important. Mahone is a dork and what Darkblade said to him was well deserved.

    The education system in British Columbia is sad in my opinion.

    Although we pay taxes like everyone else in the province, the remote areas seem to get the absolute bottom of the barrel where teachers are concerned.

    Students are pushed through the system like cattle, without so much as learning basic arithmatic.

    Teachers are given one method of teaching. Not everyone is capable of learning in one way. Children should be tested as soon as they enter a school system. There are so many kids labeled with learning disabilities when they simply need a different way of being taught. Children should all be weeded into their own individual class of learning, and there should be a teacher for each and every one of these types of learning. Of course, this would go against the grain of the government as it would cost $$, and I am sure they feel there are more important things to spend it on.

    There are so many frustrated kids who leave school before graduating because they were made to feel they weren’t able to learn. Sad but true.

    The curriculum taught in our school system is old, full of so much garbage and needs a total overhaul.

    Now, I probably made several spelling errors and did not use spell checker. I am so worried 🙂

    Thanks Juan. Great subject.

  • Mahone Dunbar March 14, 2008, 9:58 pm

    Blase. In the United State we have found a solution to the government having only one mode of teaching kids. Our solution is called private education. It is a unique idea. Private citizens who take responsibility for their children, pay for their non-government education. My two granddaughters, for example, both attend a private school.

    PS. And if you can’t figure out how to use a spell checker, you are dumber than I previously thought . . . which is extremely dumb, even for a Canadian.

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