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Hillary, raul and the debate

KlausCastroThanks to Michelle Malkin, from tonight’s Democratic debate:

Univision’s Jorge Ramos to Hillary: “Would you be willing to sit down with Raoul Castro at least just one?”

Hillary: “I hope we have an opportunity…I’ll be looking for changes…releasing political prisoners, freeing up the press…I would be willing to reach out once they demonstrated they were truly willing to change direction…I would not meet with him until there was evidence that change was happening…”

Campbell Brown to Obama: “Presumably, you would meet with Raoul Castro?” Obama: “I would meet without preconditions…but with ‘preparations’ first…We have to talk to our enemies, not just to our friends…” Wants loosening of restrictions on remittances and travel restrictions. “I wouldn’t normalize relations until we saw change…I support the eventual normalization.”

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