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An oldie-goldie revisited

Two years ago, we featured a post on a man who very much wants to enter into business deals with Cuba.

As we reported yesterday, a group of US business people is gathering in Mexico City to discuss how to get their hands on Cuban oil. The conference is sponsored by the US-Cuba Trade Association, and it includes sponsors such as Caterpillar, The Port of Corpus Christi, Louisiana Economic Development, Valero Energy Corporation, Corpus Christi Regional Economic Development Corporation, National Foreign Trade Council, and USEngage. The conference was organized by a company called Alamar Associates.

One man’s name stands out – Kirby Jones. He is president of both the US-Cuba Trade Association and Alamar. Just who is Kirby Jones?

The post went on to detail Jones’ many contacts with the dictators who run fidel’s island workers’ paradise.

A couple of days ago, a reader stumbled across the old post – and had some comments to make:

It seems to me that American corporation had no right to corrupt the Cuban government by sending in the CIA to circumvent the government into giving them a tax free existence. Freeport Sulfur CO. and Moa Bay Mining co. who were CIA front companies robbed Cuba of revenue and taxes while they over priced their products in nickel and cobalt when they sold to the American people at a jacked up price. America bears 90% of the guilt for their illegal interferrence (sic) into the internal politics of Cuba. What Bush is doing in Iraq , America did in Cuba. The Us is not GOD. I am tired of America thinking we can do as we will. The boycott is illegal!

Not satisfied with this effort, he tried again eight minutes later

The Bush family lost money in Cuba in Firestone and in his oil company. They had invested in rubber and sugar. As long as their is a Bush in the White House who wants slave labor; which is the what the right to work law is! Cuba will never see the boycott lifted. I always thought the CIA was going to use Cuba has a second home for all the Nazi’s they rescued from Germany to give the Nazi scientist a home to go on with their work!

I thought you would enjoy getting to read Mr. Hood’s comments yourself.  He obviously did a good job controlling himself – he got in almost 200-words before the word Nazi showed up.

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  • Andy G February 18, 2008, 5:07 pm

    anyone who followed the event in Mexico will remember that it was shut down after the cubans were told to leave the american owned hotel. It appeared that the Cubans were just up to their old song and dance , trying to get american corporations to pressure the government to lift the embargo, by promising all sorts of sweet business deals. Once that became apparent the plug got pulled on this event.

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