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Coca-chewer threatens farmers

hugoi chavezVenezuelan dictator-wannabe and admitted daily coca-chewer hugo chavez, says some of his country’s farmers are traitors.  Why? Because they sell products overseas to make money.  CNN reports that he threatened to take over farms if the farmers don’t sell everything domestically.

“In that case the farm must be expropriated,” Chavez said, adding that the government could also take over milk plants and properties of beef producers.

“I’m putting you on alert,” Chavez said. “If there’s a producer that refuses to sell the product … and sells it at a higher price abroad … ministers, find me the proof so it can be expropriated.”

Addressing his Cabinet, he said: “If the army must be brought in, you bring in the army.”

Venezuela has seen spot shortages of food and milk, something that just seems to happen in dictatorships where politics, rather than the market, makes decisions.   chavez went on to say that he wants farmers to sell to a new state-owned milk plant, and that he will raise payment by 36%.  He says the new plant is being run as what he calls a “socialist business.”  Ummm-hummm.  How do those businesses work in fidel’s island workers’ paradise?

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