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Political prisoner given extreme punishment

Gulag From Net For Cuba:


Havana, January 9, 2008- Antonio (Tony Díaz) Sánchez is besieged by prison authorities and due to his hunger strike protest, he was taken from the 5 and a half meter by five meter cell that he crowdedly shared with 27 other political prisoners and 9 bunks, to live with highly dangerous common prisoners.

This is a practice of maximum punishment that is sophisticatedly organized by the prison authorities in order to intimidate and to expose the prisoner to the most barbarian attacks by high risk delinquents, criminals.

We can use as an example the case of Rolando Jiménez, a Varela Project organizer who is currently serving a sentence at the Guayaba prison, on the Isle of Youth.

Rolando was first lieutenant in the Ministry of Interior. He was the legal counsel in charge of processing prosecutions against drug trafficking and in a recent “roundtable” program he was attacked by the journalist Lázaro Barredo. He responded courageously to Barredo’s insults. In retaliation, on December 31 the regime put Rolando in a cell to live with common prisoners and provoked these prisoners so that they gave Rolando a severe beating that left him disfigured.

We alert the international community, institutions responsible for the defense of human rights, and governments and authorities to demand that the Cuban government pay immediate attention and restore the rights that Antonio (Tony) Díaz Sánchez and other political prisoners are entitled to in prison as they are subjected to a level of repression in these moments that has never been seen before.

Oswaldo J. Paya Sardiñas
Christian Liberation Movement (MCL)

For more information or to obtain a copy of the press release, please contact: Julio Hernández or Francisco De Armas, International Representatives, Christian Liberation Movement, (787) 549-1805, mcl2004jhs@yahoo.com, fdamcl@cs.com

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