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It’s not nepotism

fidel popped up again yesterday and announced that his appointment of raul as his successor was not nepotism. That’s right. It was simply communist strong-arm succession. AFP reports on a letter fidel allegedly wrote to the Cuban assembly in which he says he saw the light.

“There was a stage when I thought I knew what had to be done and I wanted the power to do it,” he admitted, saying it was due to “an excess of youthfulness and deficit of conscience.”

“What made me change? Life itself, tempered by the profound thought of (Jose) Marti and the classics of socialism,” Castro said, in the letter read by assembly speaker Ricardo Alarcon.

He’s also been paying attention to criticism from Washington.

“In the proclamation signed on July 31, 2006, none of you saw it at all as an act of nepotism nor as a usurping of the functions of the assembly,” he told the body.


Let us remember that January 9, 1959, fidel said he would provide free elections for the people of Cuba. We’re still waiting.

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