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Chavez – it’s all about ooooiiiiillllllll!!!!

hugo chavez took a trip to Cuba, sat down with fidel castro to talk about integrating their countries, then moved on to running an oil summit.  The Associated Press has the story, but strangely fails to mention any demonstrations by anti-big-oil anti-globalists.  Oh, well.

Chavez, who wants to use Venezuela’s vast oil reserves to help create a “confederation of republics” free of U.S. interests, called on regional leaders to ban together against the failed “dictatorship of world capitalism.”

After meeting with fidel,  el mico putumayo should know a dictator when he sees one.

Chavez on Thursday suggested the summit could pave the way for other countries to repay the oil under plans modeled on Venezuelan agreements with Cuba. Cuba repays by providing doctors and other health professials who offer free services in impoverished areas of Venezuela.

Along the way, of course, the free doctors from Cuba have destroyed the native health care industry of Venezuela.  Fine central planning.

El mico then went on to say there is not such thing as free trade.  But why is he complaining? Isn’t an absence of free trade just what he wants to see in his kingdom?

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