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Obama Voters

Where will they go if they lose?

Glenn Reynolds has an interesting post on potential dissatisfied Obama voters if Hillary wins.  But what will the reaction be when the Obama voters realize that Florida and Michigan, two states with substantial minority populations that might be prone to support Obama, will not be allowed to have delegates at the Democratic Convention?

This is not the first time the Democrats have pulled a similar stunt.  In 1968, before the street demonstrations, the Democrats packed the convention balconies with “observers” then took a voice vote on whether to seat the legal delegations from several Southern states.  The “observers” could clearly be seen shouting votes to remove the delegates.  The Georgia delegation was replaced by one led by Julian Bond, of all people.  Georgians fled the Democratic Party in droves and didn’t support another Democrat for President until Jimmy Carter ran in 1976.

Will the Obama supporters similarly abandon Hillary in the fall?

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