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Bombs and witches

What’s with the news media these days?  Have they completely lost all sense?  On Friday, as the news was coming in about the two car bombs found in London, the media here was quickly announcing in strident tones “There is no connection to terrorism.”  Now what sense does that possibly make?  How could car bombs be anything other than terrorism?  Do we know who the terrorists are yet? Have the authorities found which terrorists to connect the bombs to?  Not yet.  But there’s no earthly reason to report that there’s no link to terrorism.

And can we finally get the Marxist theory out of our heads?  You know, the theory pounded in there by our government schools?  The idea that the Islamist terrorists are poor, are victims of oppression, are disenfranchised, as the New York Times unbelievably puts it.  Mohammed Atta was an engineer.  Many of the 911 terrorists were college educated.  Now, the Daily Mail reports two of the fugitives in England are doctors.  That’s right, doctors.  Economics has nothing to do with this war – it’s a religious war.

And can you media people please learn to pronounce Glasgow?  There is no “gow” in Glasgow.

And for sitting through this rant, here’s a special treat – flying witches in Mexico.


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