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Mahone Speaks

Helen Thomas Retires

All that needs inflatable water slide for sale to be said.

Pelosi’s dedication to Obamacare

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, seen here on the steps of the Capital building with an unnamed Congressman, demonstrates her dedication to swaying inflatable obstacle course for sale undecided or negative votes on Obama Care. Pausing briefly in her efforts – with a long line of Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats yet to go – Pelosi [...]

John Murtha – dems cause overcrowding

John Murtha dead at 77!  Satan toddler bouncy castle for sale said to be worried that Hell is getting too full because of dimocrats.

Obama and the end of racism? … NOT

(How I Learned To Stop Fearing Being Called A Racist And Love Liberalism) Warning: This commentary contains the N word (Or several facsimiles) and is not to be read by persons of color, exceptions being very light skinned Hispanics, conservative Orientals, and Black Americans who are secretly pissed off at the vast slovenly mass of [...]

9/11 2009, how things change

Folks had hope there inflatable water park for sale would be change.  There has been.