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Latin America

Barack and women

Barack Obama seems to have a problem with women. This issue was first raised by Hillary Clinton supporters, and I put it down initially to campaign bitterness. Then it got worse. Now the Republicans have nominated a woman, Sarah Palin, to be vice president. And we see the strange spectical of Barack attacking her more [...]

John Edwards’ love child?

BTW, I can’t understand all the fuss about John Edwards.  He has always jumping castle for sale been a strong advocate for the poor.  And now he has given a job, home, and good income to a poor single mom with no viable skills.  The man’s a saint!

What campaign in Texas?

In his speech last night, Barack Obama said We’ve certainly had our differences over the last sixteen months. But as someone who’s shared a stage with her many times, I can tell you that what gets Hillary Clinton up in the morning — even in the face of tough odds — is exactly what sent [...]

One of the digital TV channels fills it’s Sunday afternoon with old cowboy TV shows from the 40s through the 70s. Watching them, and seeing how they treat heroes, is a good reflection of the decline of Western Civilization. First, The Lone Ranger, from 1949. You have to put aside the ridiculous English the Hollywood [...]

On the stump – tax code, health care and hats

Mr. Yes We Can, Change is good Barak Obama yesterday called for a change in the tax code, and somehow, it doesn’t sound like much of a change from past Democrat proposals. Soak the rich, even though we don’t tax wealth in this country. We tax income, so the folks trying to get rich get [...]