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Mahone Speaks

U.S. shuts down poker sites

The federal government has just shut down several of the largest on-line poker sites in the world! Was this to ensure the moral purity of the American public? Was it to protect the innocent, poor and uneducated from falling prey to hopeless schemes where they have little chance of winning. Well, since government sponsors various [...]

Behold A Pail of Horsepucky

A review of Behold a Pale Horse by William Riley Cooper, Light Technology Publishing, 1991. Author William Cooper is a darling among the extreme faction of the UFO cult. Behold A Pale Horse is his underground magnum opus that presents “documentation” that UFOs are not only here, but have had a long-standing treaty with the [...]

Katrina – 5 years later

Five years ago, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans.  The media blamed Republican president George W. Bush.  They ignored the actions of Democrat Governor Kathleen Blanco and Democrat Mayor Ray Nagin, who did mostly nothing to prepare people.  Hollywood leftists flocked to the scene. Tonight, the same media is reliving, as they say, the hurricane.  We [...]

Dead Byrd

Earlier this month Senator Byrd was sent to that great cross-burning in the sky. Racists everywhere were saddened, yet some good did come out of it. For Byrd’s funeral proved to be another adventure in disassembling the truth for Arkansas whore-dog and impeached former president Bill Clinton, who tried to gloss over Byrd’s racist past [...]

Plug the hole

Desperate to avoid the nagging of his, “Daddy, did inflatable slide for sale you plug the hole,” daughter, The O turns to Federal Prison Industries for ideas. After believing the services, all the adult availability they discovered was caused. Conclusions: There is a available opportunity of antihistamine treating addition having included without one from penalties [...]