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On the stump – tax code, health care and hats

Mr. Yes We Can, Change is good Barak Obama yesterday called for a change in the tax code, and somehow, it doesn’t sound like much of a change from past Democrat proposals.

Soak the rich, even though we don’t tax wealth in this country. We tax income, so the folks trying to get rich get soaked, and Obama supporters such as the Kennedy family skate by on relatively little tax.

What’s really scary is his proposal for a middle class tax cut. We’ve heard that before, and not only did my taxes not get cut in the 90s, they went up. To his credit, I do agree with eliminating the tax on Social Security benefits.

Then we have John McCain, who says our health care problems are really cost and access problems – not problems with the health care itself. He calls for returning decisions to the patient.

The we have the smartest woman in the world getting ready for the Kentucky Derby. Check out the hat.

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