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Mr. Obama’s Gun Grabbing – Typical of Democrats

President Obama signed an executive order he says will increase the number of gun background checks and reduce loopholes. Some lawyers say the order does nothing. Thomas Sowell writes in The American Spectator that the news conference simply showed that Obama is the world’s greatest showman. It was beautifully choreographed If article consumers were scheduled [...]

My question to Congressional candidates

I currently live in Georgia’s First Congressional District (coastal Georgia).  There are two Democratic candidates in a run-off and two in a Republican run-off. My question: I am a voter in your district.  If elected to Congress, what will you do to get the federal government off my back and out of my pocketbook? To [...]

There’s a lot of talk about the recent French elections. One candidate, Jean Le Pen – a right-winger, anti-crime, anti-immigration – won 17% of the vote and will face current prime minister Jaques Chirac in a runoff. There’s lots of speculation that Le Pen’s voters don’t really support his policies but want to send a [...]