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Latin America

hugo attacks the English language

Now the English language is the bad guy. Venezuelan dictator wannabe hugo chavez says he’s going to get rid of English imperilist terms such as “marketing” and “password.” The International Herald Tribune reports that the country’s new slogan is “Say it in Spanish, say it with pride.” Showing the disjointed logic that is modern Venezuela, [...]

Venezuelan tractor factory to shut down

Thanks to The Devils Excrement we learn that communist-chavista economics can defeat allah-inspired revolutionary fervor. “The company with Venezuelan and Iranian capital Veniran Tractor could be forced to closed down due to financial problems, according to charges by Deputy Juan Linares, a member of the Legislative Council of Bolivar State. The Board of Directors has [...]

McCain on Cuba and Venezuela

Last night I heard Senator John McCain’s speech when claimed victory in Wisconsin. Of course it doesn’t seem to be reported in the media, but near the beginning he made some very strong remarks about Cuba’s opportunity to turn to freedom now that fidel has stepped aside. Then he went on to attack, without naming [...]

El mico putumayo imitates his idol

hugo chavez, erstwhile leader for life of Venezuela, is taking more steps in emulation of his idol, fidel castro. First, he took on Exxon-Mobile. PDVSA, the Venezuelan owned oil company that does business in the US as Citgo, wanted to take over Exxon-Mobil’s interest in a joint venture called Cerro Negro. Exxon didn’t agree to [...]

Iran in Latin America

We’ve written in the past about Iran’s force projection into Latin America. In Venezuela, there’s a tractor plant and cement plant as well as an oil refinery. hugo chavez is also expressing interest in Iran’s nuclear program. We’ve reported on how Iran may be buying uranium from Venezuela. In Argentina, Iranian-supported Hizbollah set off bombs [...]