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What Every American Should Know

We want to thank Rush Limbaugh for reading Paxety Pages.  Today, on his show, he talked about James Carville’s birth in Roswell, New Mexico.  Obviously, Rush got the idea of connecting the Dimocrat blabbermouth to space aliens from reading this Mahone Speaks article originally published here in 2005.  Enjoy it again. How the alien-Zionist cabal [...]

Science Proves: Democrats on the dark side of the Bell curve

(Experiments prove that baboons and pigeons are 23% Smarter Than the Average Democrat.) ScienceDaily (Feb. 18, 2009) — In the past it has been safe to say that humans are smarter than animals; however, research by a University of Iowa scientist has cast doubt on the extent of that disparity in intelligence. According to UI [...]

Six more weeks of winter predicted

Yesterday Mahone’s cat, Scooter, went outside and saw his shadow.  He scooted all 30-pounds back inside, where he parked on the sofa, ready to ride out an extended winter.  He resides there even yet, waiting for someone to bring him a bowl of crunchies.

In celebration

In celebration of the ascendence of The Messiah and the beginning of Black History Month, we are proud to bring you the following announcement.

Mahone Predicts: The three biggest stories of 2009

Princess Caroline Killed! While visiting a New York public school to ingratiate herself with the electorate by demonstrating her love for the ‘little people,’ Caroline Kennedy is kidnaped, killed, eviscerated, barbequed and eaten by a group of Haitian immigrants who believe that by consuming someone they will share their traits, i.e., in this instance, the [...]