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9/11 2009, how things change

Folks had hope there inflatable water park for sale would be change.  There has been.

Teddy’s first day in Hell

After the required three days wasted in Purgatory,  Senator Chappequiddick moved on to his reward.

Addendum to Jacko’s Untimely Demise

Jacko’s role in Burton film finally revealed! In an exclusive interview with Paxety Pages, director Tim Burton revealed to correspondent Mahone Dunbar the shocking news that Michael Jackson had a starring role, unheralded until now, in his epic remake of Planet of the Apes, featuring Mark Walberg. (Planet Of The Apes was Burton’s dark metaphor [...]

Jacko RIP – somewhere else

Michael Jackson is buried today – and remembered in a big hoopla in Los Angeles.

Romulus and Uncle Remus: A True History of Rome

A book review Just in time for Father’s Day is this interesting historical offering, Romulus and Uncle Remus, A True History of Rome, by author Dwight Anthony Williams Jr. Recent decades have seen historical revisionists lay claim to indigenous Sub-Saharan Africa as the source of Egyptian civilization, Greek Civilization, the Jewish civilization, Christianity, and the [...]