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The MSM reporters are proving, once again, that they are idiots. They are reporting that no one saw the rise of Rick Santorum. It wasn’t hard to see if you shut up, got out of the beltway, and watched. Iowa is a retail politics state and Santorum is the only candidate who made it a [...]

The Iraq War and those UN Resolutions

To hear the liberal media talk, you’d think the only reason we went into Iraq was because of weapons of mass destruction.  No so.  One of the several reasons was Iraq’s repeated violations of UN resolutions.   In fact, the fuss in 2002/2003 was how many UN resolutions Iraq had violated.  I researched the issue, and [...]

Katrina – 5 years later

Five years ago, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans.  The media blamed Republican president George W. Bush.  They ignored the actions of Democrat Governor Kathleen Blanco and Democrat Mayor Ray Nagin, who did mostly nothing to prepare people.  Hollywood leftists flocked to the scene. Tonight, the same media is reliving, as they say, the hurricane.  We [...]

Dead Byrd

Earlier this month Senator Byrd was sent to that great cross-burning in the sky. Racists everywhere were saddened, yet some good did come out of it. For Byrd’s funeral proved to be another adventure in disassembling the truth for Arkansas whore-dog and impeached former president Bill Clinton, who tried to gloss over Byrd’s racist past [...]

Times that try men’s souls

Today is not the only time that American ideals have been under attack.  On December 23, 1776, Thomas Paine, under the pen name Common Sense, published his first essay on The American Crisis.  At the time Lord Howe and his British Army and Hessians (foreign troops) were raping and pillaging their way across New Jersey. [...]