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War on Women

On this day,  July 18, 1969, a young woman named Mary Jo Kopechne partied with some politicians and wound up in the back seat of one of their cars.  The politician was drunk and ran of a roadway bridge into a creek about six or so feet deep.  The car overturned, and the politician escaped.  [...]

My question to Congressional candidates

I currently live in Georgia’s First Congressional District (coastal Georgia).  There are two Democratic candidates in a run-off and two in a Republican run-off. My question: I am a voter in your district.  If elected to Congress, what will you do to get the federal government off my back and out of my pocketbook? To [...]

Refugee children then and now

The Obama administration is allowing tens of thousands of children to cross our border on safe buses and, perhaps, stay here.  He and his media cronies are calling the children refugees. Remember just a few years ago when, also during the administration of a Democrat president, a little boy crossed shark infested waters, his mother [...]

Begin anew

Hat tip to babalublog

Obama logo

On Karl Marx’s birthday, Barack Obama kicks off his campaign for reelection, using as his slogan the title of one of Marx’s books. Here’s what the logo should look like.