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My question to Congressional candidates

I currently live in Georgia’s First Congressional District (coastal Georgia).  There are two Democratic candidates in a run-off and two in a Republican run-off.

My question:

I am a voter in your district.  If elected to Congress, what will you do to get the federal government off my back and out of my pocketbook?

To date, I have received the following replies:

From Republican Dr. Bob Johnson’s campaign –

Thank you for reaching out to our campaign with your concerns.  If elected to Congress Dr. Bob Johnson vows to fight for our conservative values, getting the federal government out of our day to day lives.  The greatest moral dilemma of our generation is that we are stealing money from our grandchildren daily that sends them into insurmountable debt.  Dr. Johnson is running to combat this dilemma, and if you have any questions at all please give us a call at 912-388-6776.  We’d love to garner your support, and would encourage you to reach out to us.  I hope you’re having a great start to your week.


Kaelan Dorr
Field Director
Dr. Bob Johnson for Congress
Cell:  912-289-7823

From Republican Buddy Carter – No reply.

From Democrat Brian Reese:

“Thank you for Supporting *”Brian Reese for Congress”*

                                               ……*..Better Starts Here* ……….


From Democrat Amy Tavio – No reply.


It’s nice to know who tries to answer the questions of voters.

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