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U.S. shuts down poker sites

The federal government has just shut down several of the largest on-line poker sites in the world! Was this to ensure the moral purity of the American public? Was it to protect the innocent, poor and uneducated from falling prey to hopeless schemes where they have little chance of winning. Well, since government sponsors various lotteries where the odds of winning are astronomical, and as random as a lightning strike, this seems improbable.

It’s the money. All those billions in poker money. The politicians want their share. This is Obama’s Fort Sumpter, the first shot fired in a war to seize the internet. Will freedom minded liberals and conservatives join together and rise up to save the last bastion of free thought and free enterprise on the planet?

The federal government is full of power-mad politicians who will stop at nothing to seize our resources so they can convert them into power for themselves. (If you want to see your money at work, take a tour of abandoned homes in your neighborhood, courtesy of the federal government, or stand in line and at the grocery store and watch shoppers with shopping inflatable park baskets full of ribs, steaks and other expensive items, pay with a food stamp card, then deliver the items to the trunk of a shiny Mercedes.) The federal manta is: if it moves, tax it; if it keeps moving, regulate it; if it stops moving, subsidize it. They tax everything now, even the weather. The federal government has four basic personality types controlling our lives: thieves

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, liars, tyrants and incompetents; and they each have the force of arms behind them to ensure compliance, through imprisonment or death, from anyone who refuses to follow their benevolent dictums – and be sure you don’t forget about all those new hi-tech shotguns the IRS purchased recently.

I’m particularly ashamed of the part the Republican party has played in the anti-online poker war. If anything, poker is the American symbol of the individual and for capitalism, where an individual uses his skill to mitigate the ebb and flow of random statistical events and turn a profit using his intelligence. There is no reward without some risk. And free individuals should have the right to risk their resources in any manner they choose. If they eventually lose those resources playing poker, it’s still better than having the blood-hungry politicians of America confiscate them to dispense to their electorate. Given that, the Republicans should stick to fiscal issues (such as keeping the dollar sound), protecting the boarders and ensuring that the country has a strong defense, and leave the social/moral issues to the will of the public. These are the issues that won their house victory. There is no mandate for a the conservative wing of American politics to provide a moral premise for the public anymore than there is a mandate for the liberal wing to provide itself as a surrogate husband to the increasing number of fatherless families. It would be nice, and completely unexpected, if our federal government, acting through their sea of bureaucrats, loosened its hands from our wallets and removed its intrusive nostrils from our collective anuses. But don’t hold your breath.

Federal has become a byword for thievery, waste, and incompetence. Excepting the case of war (at least in the first half of the last century), there is nothing the federal bureaucracy can do as well as private industry. As a retirement age baby boomer, this is how I see the federal government: My enemy. We revolted against King George for confiscatory polices that were a lot less heinous than our current government’s, and we were perhaps less divided on issues during the Civil War. I fear that another rebellion is the only way to save the remnants of our constitutional republic.

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  • Jdog Jesus April 20, 2011, 10:02 pm

    u sinners not gamble now ha ha

  • f987by April 22, 2011, 11:29 am

    These sites are in competition with legitimate government gambling which is saving our schools and providing money for the poor. These unregulated sites should be shut down.

  • Mahone Dunbar April 22, 2011, 12:51 pm

    f987: I’m assuming you’re being humorous; if not, then you are a blathering idiot. The schools are terrible and pumping money into morons, with bad teachers, does not elevate their intelligence. If it did, America’s urban schools would be full of little Einstein’s, not illiterate gang bangers and pregnant teenage ho’s.

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