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Mr. Obama’s Gun Grabbing – Typical of Democrats

Obama Guns Newser

President Obama signed an executive order he says will increase the number of gun background checks and reduce loopholes. Some lawyers say the order does nothing.

Thomas Sowell writes in The American Spectator that the news conference simply showed that Obama is the world’s greatest showman.

It was beautifully choreographed

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, like a great ballet, and performed with consummate skill and understated eloquence. First of all, the scene was set with a room full of people who had lost loved ones to gun violence. A father whose son had been gunned down made a long introduction before the president showed up, walked down the aisle and up on to the stage to growing applause.

As political theater, it put Donald Trump’s rantings in the shade.

As for the substance of what Obama said, there was very little substance, and much of it false, but one of the signs of great artistry was that the presentation overshadowed the substance.

Sowell points out that while Mr. Obama spoke about mass killings, nothing in his order would do anything to stop them. Plus, most of the mass shootings occur in gun free zones.

How often have supposedly mentally unbalanced shooters opened fire at a meeting of the National Rifle Association? They are apparently not that mentally unbalanced. They pick places where people are not likely to shoot back.

A mass shooting at a movie theater a few years ago took place at a theater farther away from where the shooter lived than other theaters in the area that were showing the very same movie. The difference was that this theater had advertised that it was a gun-free zone.

Democrats say a lot about wanting to have “common sense gun safety laws” and to keep guns out of the hands of undesirable people.

It reminds me of my youth. When I grew up in Georgia, there were only Democrats. No Republicans at all. These Democrats pushed through common sense gun control laws and pushed social policies which tried to keep guns out of the hands of undesirables.

The Democrats did this because, when they put on their sheets and hoods and rode off into the night to burn a cross on someone’s lawn, they didn’t want the African-American family in the house to have a weapon to defend themselves.

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  • Alex September 12, 2017, 7:44 pm

    Great, great post here. Glad you threw in one of the best economists around, Thomas Sowell.

    Do you mind shooting me an email? Have a quick question for you.

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