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Cuban rocker arrested

Babalu has been all over the story of Gorki Aguila who has been arrested by Cuban authorities. Gorki Aguila, leader of the band Porno Para Ricardo is being detained at the “La Quinta” police station. This Wednesday his father was finally able to see him and and confirmed that the musician was calm, until the [...]

fidel alive in England?

One of fidel’s most laughed at programs was developing a miniature cow so that Cubans could raise them on their farms destroyed by communism.  Now, the Telegraph reports that miniature cows are the rage in the UK. It’s the little cow with a big future. Rising supermarket prices are persuading hundreds of families to turn [...]

Russian military in Cuba?

What’s up with the Russians and Cuba.  First, we get a repot that a USAF general is warning the Russian not to base long range bombers in Cuba.  Then we get a report from The Guardian that the bombers will be refueled on the island. Russia was today considering the use of bases in Cuba [...]

May day celebration

The various Marxists, Greens, leftists and other dissatisfieds took to the streets around the world yesterday. One place was in Revolutionary Square in Havana, where French television produces an effort worthy of Leni Refenestahl. Oh, the totalitarians and their love of dictators. Meanwhile, Cubans remain in prison. Here is a letter written by Jorge Luis [...]

As usual, it’s fidel’s fault

Senator Barak Obama is associated with one Bill Ayers who is associated with fidel castro. Guilt by association. You’re damn right. Obama is campaigning on his “Judgment To Lead.” Ayers was a member of the Weathermen. They bombed and murdered and set fires, then had to run from the FBI. While hiding out, they called [...]