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So, you still think there’s an embargo XXXVI

We’ve written for years on the half-assed embargo of Cuba – some things embargoed, some not, states cowtowing to fidel for business, businesses organizing to ship even more to Cuba, and a push to eliminate the requirement at Cuba pay before the goods are shipped. Now from Net For Cuba What Cuba Embargo? By INVESTOR’S [...]

Murder in the Florida Straits

(Photo courtesy Brothers To The Rescue) It’s time for our annual remembrance of the anniversary of one of the truly dark days in American history. On February 24, 1996 three U.S. citizens and one legal U.S. resident were flying a humanitarian mission over the Straits of Florida. They and another pilot were flying three small [...]

So, you still think there’s an embargo – XXXVI

The mainstream media is excited today about a Florida International University poll it claims shows Miami Cubans now want to end the embargo. Typical of the reports is The Voice of America which says 55% oppose continuing the embargo. Hugh Gladwin is director of the university’s Institute for Public Opinion Research, which conducts the poll. [...]

Mensaje de Darsi

Hola amigos: Los servicios que ofrece el Centro de Salud y Derechos Humanos “Juan Bruno Zayas” en las comunidades constituyen para muchos pacientes la alternativa de solución a sus necesidades de atención médica. Esos servicios han podido brindarse por las donaciones de medicamentos y equipos médicos que recibimos de personas de buena voluntad, como es [...]

Ike further wrecks Cuba

Dr. Darsi Ferar sent out an email telling what he had seen of the destruciton caused by Hurricane Ike on the island of Cuba.  George at The Real Cuba translated it into English better than I could. The destruction here after the hurricane is tragic. We simply got to the limit, we no longer have [...]