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Obama and the end of racism? … NOT

(How I Learned To Stop Fearing Being Called A Racist And Love Liberalism)

Warning: This commentary contains the N word (Or several facsimiles) and is not to be read by persons of color, exceptions being very light skinned Hispanics, conservative Orientals, and Black Americans who are secretly pissed off at the vast slovenly mass of urban thugs, community activists and politicians who unfortunately share their skin color.


Obama posing

Well, all you gun toting, Bible clinging, typical white people, how does it feel to be living in post-racial America? Now, and don’t dare be honest here, how many times in the last few years have you looked at Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Barack Obama, Maxine Waters, Charlie Rangel, Reverend Wright, Danny Glover, Whoopee Goldberg, Louis Farrakhan inflatable tent for sale or any other public person of color and thought “Goddamn . . .”  (insert N word here) !” (Okay, so I chickened out from actually using it. It really doesn’t matter anyway, since white people, we are told, are self-censoring and have host of inventive euphemisms they employ in its stead so as to maintain a facade of civility)

This word is not spoken, but does occasionally surface from the unconscious mind. This happens whenever a white person is stunned and perplexed by Black Americans detrimental attitudes or nefarious actions, followed by a silent lament to God, “They’re like fucking fleas on a dog these days: rapidly reproducing, blood suckers; mostly interchangeable, and all equally deleterious to the general welfare of their host. So, wut’s up wid that Big G?”

What? you say defensively to the little voice in your head, I don’t think about Black Americans like that, because, even though I don’t celebrate MLK day and may snicker a bit at the hectoring tone of Black History Month, and occasionally disagree with them politically, I am not a racist! Besides, I have black friends, and I respect hard working law-abiding salt-of-the-earth black folk. There’s a host of Black Americans in the military right now, trying to preserve our freedom, and risking there lives in dangerous law enforcement jobs; and I recognize that there are many fine Black Americans that love freedom, appreciate the constitution, and are my moral superiors, and I respect them deeply. I would never use the N word, aloud, nor would the white people I associate with – though you can hear it a thousand times a day on Hip Hop radio or as spice in the conversations of urban youth. So, why is it that you, average white American, are being called a racist by such esteemed members of the world’s brain trust as Keith Obermann, Janeane Garofalo, Nancy Pelosi, Jimmy Carter, and Fidel Castro? Why? What racial sin have you committed? Well, you dared to disagree with President Obama (street name, Prez Man). So you might as well drag your white robe and hood out of the closet and put them on, ‘cause dude, you ain’t fooling nobody.

This sad state of affairs was predicted early on; Due to the placing of labels of racism on Obama critics (as early as November 08), there have been predictions that all criticism of Obama would eventually be labeled as racist. (see the article at the RS Red State site, entitled “The AP Tries To Define All Criticism of Obama As Racist). Yet our wiser liberal brothers and sisters constantly assured us prior to Chairman O’s coronation that his ascension to the throne would signal the end of racism in America; after all, in spite of ACORN’s efforts at rocking the vote Chicago style, he would need a significant number of white skinned people to support him at the poles. And if a significant number of white skinned people can support a black man for the highest elective office in the land, then certainly we don’t need affirmative action, and black Americans will not be able to blame every ache and pain and personal failure on racism, and the nation will be on its way back to being a meritocracy. Right?

Black people in America want to be treated just like anyone else, and that entails criticism for one’s actions. Or so you thought. But let us remember that liberals use Mahone’s definition of racism, which is, once again, A racist is, any white person who disagrees with any black person for any reason. You don’t have to enslave black people, don’t have to lynch them, or be a southern democrat and establish Jim Crow laws against them, or discriminate in housing or employment against them; if you provide any impediment to their wishes or thoughts, you are a racist.

In today’s world, the cry of “racist” is, to paraphrase Samuel Johnson, the last refuge of a black scoundrel.

However, as we were assured it would be, in the Post Obama World, racism is dead. So we are not to worry. Now, daytime or nighttime, when you find you have to walk two blocks between the parking lot and your business meeting in downtown Atlanta, or Detroit, or LA, or New York, or . . . wherever, and you see two Urban Youth (which, according to liberals is one of the many many code words for the N word) coming toward you, you feel a sense of peace. These nice young urban citizens of color surely won’t stick a nine millimeter in your face and say “Yo, give it up, phool!” Then shoot you for kicks after you hand over your wallet. No. Because you can be sure these YBMs (Young Black Males, yet another euphemism for the N word) are not embittered anti-white, anti-civilization, and raised in a ghetto culture by a single female on welfare who, along with everyone else he’s ever been in contact with, including Reverend Wright, the politicians on TV, the school systems and the media, have inculcated in him the idea that his birthright is as a Prince of Africa and if not for ‘whitey’, he would be a rich business magnate with some hot secretaries and wouldn’t even have to steal cars anymore . . . unless it was just for sport, of course.

Race relations are so good now not only because Obama has ascended to the throne, but because for decades the liberals in our society have structured things that way, from dumbing down public schools in an effort to fortify students self-esteem, which liberals have assured us for years is one of the prime reasons for flagging minority (another euphemism for the N word) grades; another major hindrance which suppresses their grades and restricts their participation in the classroom

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, is that educational material is not phrased in a culturally relevant way for ‘youth with challenges’ (sigh, another euphemism for the N word), which is demeaning and hinders the minority educational process. This is particularly puzzling since Africans invented math (though it was the Egyptians, not the indigenous sub-Saharan type of African that did so), and they should be keen on math and math-related endeavors, such as architecture, astronomy and accounting.

Another impediment to black education in America over the last few decades, we’ve been constantly assured by liberals, is that educational material and tests are structured in a culturally biased way that favors white kids. So, to be ‘culturally inclusive,’ if you want to ask what is the sum twelve and twenty, you should state the problem thus: If Yoseif has twelve yams and Kamir has twenty yams, and they put them together for the village feast – since yams are the best side dish for boiled missionary – how much yams you got? Since cultural changes like this in our racist educational materials, the grade point average of black children has soared. And we also know that race relations are good because Lyndon Johnson and the democrat party spent billions on the Great Society, and the fact that we are giving houses to minorities now, supporting the debris from Katrina in hotel rooms (and trying to ignore the rising crime rates where Katrina ‘victims,’ primarily citizens of color (another euphemism for the N word), were relocated to. Look how well that investment paid off. Therefore, today we have a black president and we are free to complain about his policies and decisions just as if he were that Nazi liar and known child molester, George Bush!

So, next time you find yourself in an urban center (i.e., euphemism for the ghetto), full of citizens of color (a polite euphemism for the N word) just stop and ask anyone you meet about their level of contentment with American society, and ask them how grateful they are to be recipients of taxpayer largess and the liberal ideology that has shaped their lives – then hope that 911 gets you to the emergency room on time.

Fear Of Racial Intimidation

During all the hype about Obama’s critics being racist, Georgia representative Hank Johnson, while taking a break from designing rockets, suggested that the logical outcome, if criticism of Obama were not rebuked, would be people putting on white uniforms and white hoods and riding around the countryside intimidating people. Johnson’s sage advice notwithstanding, this presents a real dilemma for the average American; for if we don’t continue criticizing Obama’s administration, the logical outcome will be even more Black Panthers at polling places, even more ACORN employees offering advice on how to scam the government, and the ruination of the best health care system in the world.

Furthermore, if Representative Johnson is so worried about the KKK intimidating black people, he might want to be cognizant of the fact that there are so many black on black, and black on white, murders in the cities now that teams of television producers depend on their steady occurrence for reality entertainment! As in my two favorites, First 48 and Crime 360. It is a demonstrable fact that more blacks are shot and killed by other blacks in one year than blacks were killed by whites in all the lynchings that have ever taken place. Were it otherwise, there would be a KKK murder network.

In the current mayoral election in Atlanta, a surfeit of black candidates signed up, along with one lonely little white sheep (euphemism for white person). The fact that the black vote was in danger of being split between multiple candidates, allowing a chance for the white candidate to get elected, led to the circulation of an email composed by two Clark Atlanta professors and endorsed by City Council President Lisa Borders, urging three black candidates to withdraw in order to prevent a white from possibly being elected. This, it turns out, was not racist. Why not? The email was composed and circulated by black (obvious euphemism for the N word) citizens, and liberals have told us – every since they changed the definition of racist to accommodate their political objectives during the seventies – that black people can not be racists. They are a minority (in America, but in the world, a majority over whites – but don’t confuse the issue with your racist facts) and they don’t have ‘power.’ So, tell those two young models of civic decorum (in this case, another euphemism for the N word) that are about to perforate your liver, spleen and lungs with nine millimeter bullets, they don’t have any power, so you’re sure their actions are not racist.

The Roots Of Racism: Embracing the R Word

News came last week from the Children’s Research Lab, at the University of Texas, in Austin, that a researcher had tried to measure how effective attempts had been to use multiculturalist propaganda to instill anti-racist attitudes in children . . . uh, make that white children; for we all know that only whites can be racist. Birgitte Vittrup tried to measure racial attitudes in children ages 5 to 7 and found that, despite hours of multi-cultural programing, white kids in this age group tended to consider blacks as “mean.” (Kids were given a list of words and asked to pick one they associate with children of other races. The article didn’t mention what associations blacks or other races made with each other.) Since egalitarian thinking social scientists have determined that it is absolutely impossible that this attitude could have anything to do with actual experiences these children may have had while interacting with black children, it must be racism, either inherent or learned from the parents. And inherent seems to be the article’s conclusion. All of this was brought to light in a Newsweek article entitled “Is Your Baby Racist?” The answer seemed to be, sure.

And how does one uncover racism in babies? (Note: Nesweek uses the term racist incorrectly; what they are actually talking about is a child’s ability to discriminate. Racism is an attitude of genetic superiority, something beyond most toddlers.) You show them photos of different colored people, and if the baby pauses too long on a color different from its parents, it is inherent racism.

Note: Though the Newsweek article suggested that white babies were racist as soon as they bounced out of the womb, it didn’t mention whether or not similar experiments had been conducted to see if black babies also were born with racist attributes; for example, when exposed to a white, Hispanic, or Asian, baby, did they instinctively hit them and take their toys away by force, try to commandeer their push toys, or try to trade them some paregoric for their daily milk ration.

So, if racism is hard-wired into us, like gayness, why are we trying to eradicate it with massive doses of propaganda? Perhaps the word racist should no longer posses the stigma attached to it? And no more should little red necks, like Susy in her culturally expressive blond pigtails, or freckled faced Johnny proudly sporting his NASCAR T-shirt, come home from school crying because teacher said they had racist attitudes, and were going to be punished by being made to stay after school and watch twenty hours of PBS After School Specials featuring the theme of “inclusion.”

Or, parents of school-aged racists may decide to denude the word of it’s sting, as Black Americans have done with the N word. (For example: “Yo, Tommy, man. You is my main racist!”) Perhaps even write songs featuring prolific use of the R word and even some neat handshakes that are restricted to white people.

Do I sound bitter? I hope so. I think we’re on the verge of a civil war based largely upon racial/ideological lines. My kids and grand kids will have to bear the weight of howling mad democrat policies supported by a media that is no more than a blatant Joseph Goebbels-style propaganda organ for them, in a country that has been fiscally bankrupted and denuded of its strategic power by a black man whose megalomaniacal caveats and policies we are not supposed to criticize even as they are leading us to ruin! And every time a Glen Beck (God, bless him), Sarah Palin or a Rush Limbaugh comes to the defense of sanity, they are excoriated by pious democrats, proponents of the New Inquisition, who lament what the sad state of race relations has brought us to even as they proceed to run amuck poking sticks in the hornet’s nest of racial division.

Race In America: The Truth

Some days you get the feeling that equality was never the true goal of the Civil Rights Movement. That “Judge a man by the content of his character, and not the color of his skin,” was just a meaningless platitude, a sales pitch. After several decades of democrat social engineering, what we now have is an army of armed black males dedicated to lives of crime and women/girls whose raison d’ etre is to get pregnant in their teens or preteens and have as many children as possible because each child is a bonus that allows additional leeching off their fellow citizens; hence, in the inner cities, we have a sea of fatherless children just waiting to do their bit to increase crime statistics. The truth is, there’s no democrat politician in America who would venture into the inner city without benefit of an armed military escort. Jimmy Carter says he knows white people, and that most of them are racist. I grew up in the same area Jimma’ did, and say he’s full of shit. The white people I know are not out to get, or oppress, or re-enslave, black people; on the other hand, they do feel that black Americans should not be a financial albatross around our necks, should be self-supporting, get over slavery, be responsible for the kids they produce, clean up their own culture before damning ours (like figuring out an acceptable way to get rid of thugs and ganstas and a culture where crime is endemic and systemic), be at least a little grateful that they are not living in Africa in a hut with no running water and no electricity as Obama’s brother is doing, and get on with life. If those desires are racist, and if being against the life-changing policies of a radical socialist president is racist, sign me up. And if criticizing Barack Hussein Obama is racist, then racism is here to stay.

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  • John Wayne September 21, 2009, 4:14 pm

    Pilgrim, I thought this was funny until I realized that’s an Al Jolson mask. Now I think it’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Outside of Hollywood, anyway.

  • Steve September 21, 2009, 4:36 pm

    blk man at work laugf too

  • Mahone September 21, 2009, 4:44 pm

    Duke: I figured what better way to represent hiding behind a mask of “blackness” than a mask of a white man pretending to be a black man.

  • Whte Tom September 21, 2009, 7:00 pm

    I’m mad as hell and looking to kick some ass.

  • Mahone September 21, 2009, 7:55 pm

    White Tom: Good luck. As I write this Obama is trying to get the FCC to take over the internet. How soon will there be a “diversity Czar”? It’s just stunning. The left crowed and crowed about the evil George Bush trying to control everything and shut down the opposition, but Chairman O is the one actually doing it. And remember his expressed desire to start a private army within America. Jesus Christ. I fear only an act of divine providence or a revolution will stop him. But by the time enough people understand the power he’s assumed, and the freedoms he’s taken away from us, he will control our ability to communicate freely (internet, talk radio, FOX news and the like) and will have stripped us of money, healthcare, and the arms we’ll need to defend ourselves. I’m not being the least bit dramatic here when I say Obama is the devil: He is an embittered, power hungry black socialist who has come to level America and the white race. And as he uses taxes like bombs in his war on America, the mainstream media sit idly by cheering him on like the bunch of bought and paid for whores they are.

  • ObamaFan September 21, 2009, 11:07 pm

    u racists will soon b gone. good riddance. u geezers r dieing, birth rate dropping so ur not replacing.

  • Mahone September 22, 2009, 6:32 pm

    Obamafan: sorry, the racists will not be gone soon. They’re just changing color. As far as the birth rate, don’t look now, but your Obama Messiah has been dipped in snow.

  • John Wayne September 22, 2009, 10:46 pm

    Actually, Obamafan, you leftists are the ones whose birthrate is declining – you’re aborting yourselves out of existence. Only us God-fearing Christians and the Muslims are increasing in population.

  • Joan of Argghh! February 10, 2010, 1:36 am

    Whoa! Something in the air. It’s almost a meme that has sprung up, unbidden and unorganized.

  • Mahone Dunbar February 11, 2010, 10:40 pm

    Meme’s are a great concept . . . the idea as a contagious virus.

  • DaveyDaBoy December 19, 2011, 6:33 pm

    you republican racists will get yours when the great Obama is reelected. i’m reporting this site. you’ll be gone.

  • mahone Dunbar December 19, 2011, 7:34 pm

    Davey boy, King Obama has already found me out. As punishment, he’s sending me to Hawaii with Michelle the Watusi for a week.

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