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Florida TaxWatch hacks Governor’s state budget – too much spending

With Governor Charlie Crist (RR) appearing on Meet The Press to support President Obama’s spendulus bill, Florida TaxWatch hacks the Governor’s budget:

TALLAHASSEE – Florida TaxWatch has just released a Budget Watch report on the Governor’s recommended budget. In addition to providing highlights of the budget items, the report analyzes the implications of the Governor’s recommended budget in terms of the fiscal and economic crisis currently gripping Florida.

According to the report, the Governor’s recommended budget contains only $338 million in recurring GR base budget reductions, while adding $571 million in new recurring spending. As Florida TaxWatch President and Chief Executive Officer Dominic M. Calabro has noted

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, “A crisis is a terrible thing to waste.”

The report concludes, “This unusual fiscal challenge presents an incredible opportunity to thoroughly reassess the core functions of state government, determine what are essential state services, reduce duplication across various programs and agencies, use the talents and successes of private enterprise to aggressively identify and collect high probable areas of fraud waste, abuse, and overuse, and collect revenues legally owed but not collected, as well as to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of agency programs, services and operations.

“Florida TaxWatch recommends that, regardless of the use of stimulus money, the Legislature use this current fiscal environment to advance its historic role and status as a national leader in sound fiscal and economic stewardship.”

To read the entire report, click on the link below.

Budget Watch – Governor’s recommended budget

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