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NPR, chavez And castro

Now officially dictators

FidelEvoHugoHatsI was listening to NPR this morning (hey, they play classical music on Sunday morning), and I was shocked to hear something in a report on Mitt Romney’s campaign appearance in Miami.  The reporter said that Romney was asked how he would deal with dictators in Latin America, dictators such as fidel castro and hugo chavez. 

What? On NPR?  Not Presidents castro and chavez, but dictators? After years of work, it would appear these two have finally made the NPR dictator list.  evo still has work to do.

But it is still NPR.  The anchor during Weekend Edition read a correction to a story that aired last week.  The reporter said that the current Iraq war was the first time the National Guard had been deployed overseas since World War II.  Even NPR had to admit this was in error and that the Guard had been deployed overseas to Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War, Bosnia, Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  If NPR made such a factual error regarding history, what other errors were in the report?

Oh, my. I’ve got to turn off NPR.  They’re now doing a story about the Pueblo Indians – claiming that climate change drove them away.  The reporter just said that archaeological evidence shows the Indians left behind a large number of turkey bones, suggesting that turkey made up a large part of the diet.  Following the “climate change” there were mostly bones of wild animals.  Doesn’t the reporter know that turkeys are wild – that domestic turkeys didn’t come along until turkeys were taken from America to Europe and domesticated there?  Sigh, of course not.


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