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Obamacare push to begin on anniversary of D-Day

While President Obama attends D-Day remembrances, his supporters here at home will be community organizing for “health care.” This from Mr. Obama’s website

After decades of false starts, the dream of quality, affordable health care for every American is finally within reach.

To succeed where others have failed, we must build a groundswell of support for real health care reform in every district and every state. And we have no time to lose.

On June 6th, thousands of people just like you are beginning to organize for health care reform by hosting or attending a Health Care Organizing Kickoff.

No experience is required to host or attend–we’ll give you everything you need to make it a success.

At these kickoffs

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, you’ll watch a special message from the President, meet like-minded supporters in your neighborhood, make plans for reaching out in your community–and start to put those plans in action.

Together, we’ll win health care reform the same way we won the election: Building support one block, one neighbor, one conversation at a time. Please sign up today.

I haven’t seen or heard mention of this elsewhere.

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