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The Democrat economic solution

demdonkeyIt seems the Florida Democratic Party believes the economic problems of the state’s citizens can be solved by firing two people – here’s the party news release:

Tallahassee, FL – Florida Democratic Party Chair Karen Thurman today demanded Republicans cut Governor Charlie Crist’s taxpayer provided chef and butler from the Governor’s Mansion before they raise taxes or their budget cuts force more layoffs of police officers and teachers.

“It is crazy that after cutting nearly $9 billions from Florida’s budget, Republicans still find money to give Charlie Crist a taxpayer funded chef and butler. Even they admit that their cuts are hurting Floridians, but they clearly think that giving a chef and butler to Crist is more important than keeping our communities safe or educating Florida’s children. Before the Republicans raise taxes on Floridians or lay off more cops and teachers, they should force Crist to sacrifice by giving up his chef and butler,” said Thurman.

Yesterday, the Sarasota Herald-Tribune reported that Republicans have no plans to cut Crist’s chef and butler.

Over the next several weeks the Florida Democratic Party will be suggesting where Republicans can cut the budget without hurting Florida’s working families.

Aren’t the chef and butler members of Florida’s working families?  Wouldn’t the move add two more folks to the already record high unemployment roles? Why not eliminate the entire Executive Mansion and let the governor live in a cheap apartment in Tallahassee?  I’m sure that with two universities in town

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, there are cheap apartments.

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