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Palin – Bible thumper

This should set off the religious left. The New York Times goes to Sarah Palin’s church and writes about her religious beliefs.

WASILLA, Alaska — Shortly after taking office as governor in 2006, Sarah Palin sent an e-mail message to Paul E. Riley, her former pastor in the Assembly of God Church, which her family began attending when she was a youth. She needed spiritual advice in how to do her new job, said Mr. Riley, who is 78 and retired from the church.

“She asked for a biblical example of people who were great leaders and what was the secret of their leadership,” Mr. Riley said.

He wrote back that she should read again from the Old Testament the story of Esther, a beauty queen who became a real one, gaining the king’s ear to avert the slaughter of the Jews and vanquish their enemies. When Esther is called to serve, God grants her a strength she never knew she had.

The Book of Esther – I’m sure this will be spun into a very dangerous situation before the day is out.  Read the whole article.  I think it is actually fair, at least from a New York perspective, but the left will read a lot into it.  I suspect the folks screaming loudest have never been to a service at a non-denominational church.

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