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Last night at the convention

Unfortunately, you can’t vote for Sarah Palin without also voting for John McCain.  I still have a hard time getting past  the Keating Five, the free speech restrictions and the unreliability of his positions.  He makes promises, but like most politicians, you don’t really believe them.

At least his was a better speaker than Tom Ridge.  When he was being proposed as a VP candidate, I could see the Democratic campaign ads – video of old ladies having to take off their shoes at the airport. Slow motion, boring video.

Since I don’t have cable or satellite, I’ve had the very interesting experience of watching on PBS.  Jim Leher, David Brooks and Mark Shields do the main hosting.  They certainly live in a different world than I do.  On Wednesday night, Meg Whitman spoke.  Afterwards, Leher and Shields entered into a conversation about whether each knew what eBay was. Leher pointed out that you could buy collectables there – including old PBS totebags.  Shields asked if eBay had something to do with a computer.

On Thursday, they had on some historians whose names I did not catch. They talked about various issues, but one was very telling.  One of the historians was astounded to find that at the Republican convention, people actually believed we were at war, while at the Democratic convention. people did not believe it.

That’s something that’s been discussed in the blogosphere for years. Where have these people been? Just learning how to send email?

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