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Obama and the MSM

If you’re not reading Urgent Agenda every day, you should be.  Bill Katz brings interesting insight to political stories, such as his analysis of Dana Milbank’s piece in today’s Washington Post.

The juiciest of the juicy.  We don’t normally depend on the Washington Post to take a major swing at liberals, but the paper does have its glorious moments.  Today Dana Milbank breaks the silence and finally says what many of us have been thinking – that Barack Obama is a spoiled child with an out-of-control ego, and that even those who have jumped through burning hoops for him are getting disgusted.

While the media is obviously giving Obama a lot of coverage, I’ve wondered if we’d see a McCain rebound.  I spent more than a dozen years working in newsrooms around the country, and I saw how much reporters loved John McCain.  Love was their word.  I was rarely able to get a reason for this love, but the love was there.

Will Barack Obama make enough gaffes, or become arrogant enough, for the media to turn against him?  It seems to me that the past love for McCain may be enough to lure the media back. Despite Obama’s seeming sense of entitlement, I get the feeling this election is far from over.

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  • GUYK July 30, 2008, 3:17 pm

    MSM is fickle..and they are apt to turn on Obama like a rabid pack of dawgs..then again depends on what he promises them..most of MSM are left wingers..and the closer Hassan Obama moves to the center the more apt they are to turn on him..

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